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Welcome to the Flooring Guild e-learning website.

Although many retailers realise the advantages of training, releasing staff for even a day to attend a course can be difficult so we are pleased to offer a Self-Study programme to make it that bit easier.

Candidates can learn at their own pace and, since the programme is completely modular, are able to choose the one or ones they want - and perhaps try the others later when they are ready.

Programmes are available in two formats - 'paper-based' or 'computer-based' which comes with an on-line self-test facility.

For a FREE demonstration of the e-learning programme please enter your e-mail address below, then click the button to continue.

Please note your e-mail address will NOT be stored or used to contact you and will not be passed to any third parties.

However, if you provide it, this programme will automatically send you confirmation of your scores in the on-line self-assessments.

Good luck!


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